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  • Understanding Social Security

    Protective Life's Understanding Social Security program offers a variety of resources to help you learn about the key aspects of the Social Security program and promotional materials to help you promote your Social Security planning services to customers and prospects. Additionally, it provides educational materials to help you work with your customers on key decisions as they prepare to receive Social Security benefits.



  • Guide for Financial Professionals

    This comprehensive guide summarizes key concepts on Social Security, from the basics of retirement benefits to when to file and what you need to know about special situations and Medicare. Learn more about the program and how Protective Life’s materials and tools can help you assist your customers who are approaching retirement.

  • Social Security Promotional Flier

    This flier summarizes the features of the Social Security Explorer tool, and contains a fact-finding worksheet that will help financial professionals gather all of the information needed from their customers in order to use the tool.

  • Seminar Materials
  • Sales Ideas


  • Seminar Materials
    Protective Life offers a turnkey 30-minute seminar for financial professionals to host for their customers. Below are the materials available, from the presentation and customer workbook to the invitations and follow-up mailers. Financial professionals can contact their Protective Life representative for assistance with planning and hosting an event.

  • Customer Seminar

    Use this 30-minute seminar to help customers understand the big picture when it comes to retirement planning and Social Security.

  • Promotional Materials
    Protective Life offers several promotional pieces and informational material designed to help financial professionals prospect and promote Social Security planning as part of their practice.

  • Annual Retirement Checklist

    Use this Q&A with customers to guide your plan for action items as you help them plan for Social Security benefits, Medicare, and retirement.

  • Education and Calculators
  • Social Security Explorer: Online Planning Tool

    This dynamic tool can be used with customers to help them determine when and how to file for Social Security retirement benefits. After gathering some information from their customers, financial professionals can unveil various scenarios for filing for benefits and show customers how these choices can affect their total benefit over the course of their retirement.