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  • This is What Feels Like for Retirees

  • Deliver retirement confidence amid life’s uncertainties by starting a guaranteed income conversation.

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  • Why have a conversation about guaranteed income?

    Most retirees are confident their must-have expenses are covered.

    8 in 10

    Say they have enough guaranteed income from Social Security and pensions to cover their “must have” expenses.1  

    But even the best-laid plans are just one unexpected event away from derailment.

    53% Retire Early and often, not by choice

    It’s easy to underestimate the impacts of life’s uncertainties, like a forced retirement in a down market. This can put an income plan at risk when the dollars have to stretch further.

  • Guaranteed income solutions can solve for retirement uncertainty and instill confidence.

    Watch this video to understand the dangers of underestimating risk, and why offering a guaranteed income solution can instill more confidence in a long-term plan.

  • Start a conversation about guaranteed income solutions now.

    Put people on a path to retirement confidence. Download our prospecting resources to help start the conversation about guaranteed income solutions.

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  • Common risks to retirement income that are easily underestimated:

  • Live Longer Than Planned

    Almost half of retirees don’t think they will live past age 903, but for couples there is a 50% chance one partner will live to age 93.1

    Just three unplanned years in retirement can leave a substantial income gap: $45,000 x 3 = $135,000

  • Experience a Health Care Shock

    A 65-year old could need $285,000 to cover health care expenses in retirement — and that doesn’t include long-term care.5

    Annual costs for even one year of long-term care services can be: $82,000 for nursing home,  $22,000 for home care, $43,000 for assisted living facility.

  • Retire in a Down Market

    Waiting for retirement savings to recover from a down market can be tough, especially for 53% of people who retire earlier than expected — and most often not by choice.2

    Consider what happened in 2008

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